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Job Seekers have all the Power

The current low unemployment rate and high demand for workers is creating a very unusual environment. Job seekers want the application process to be quick, easy, engaging and of course mobile.

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Temp Agency in PA Offers Flexible Workforce

Businesses depend on hiring employees to keep fully staffed during company changes, large projects and business growth. A flexible staffing model gives companies a competitive edge in matching resources to the needs of the company. Companies are placing an increased premium on more flexible and agile workforces. You should only have to pay for what you need, even if it is just a temporary employee for a month. McCallion Staffing Specialists, a temp agency in PA, offers temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct-hire services to companies who are experiencing times of growth, large projects, or even just temporarily replacing employees who are on maternity leave.

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How Do I Improve My Excel Skills to Advance My Career?

Microsoft Excel has gained huge popularity with businesses. It is used in all departments, not just accounting and finance.

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The Dynamic Administrative Assistant

The role of an administrative assistant and secretary has existed for many years, even before the Roman Empire. The job was occupied by men during this time, as they handled the bookkeeping and dictations from their leaders. Moving through history, the “secretaries” had an elevated status and held prominent positions.

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Help, my job descriptions are terrible!

"I posted a job but only got a few unqualified candidates. What did I do wrong?"

Believe it or not, 75% of all jobs posted do not receive a single application.

There are several reasons for this phenomena:

  • Did you post a job description that has existed for many years and uses words like requirements and responsibilities? Today’s job seekers don’t like those terms.
  • Instead they want to know what they will be doing in the job.
  • What goals or tasks will they be accomplishing?
  • What will they learn in this position?
  • Who will they be working with?
  • How will they be recognized and or rewarded?

It can be difficult to answer these questions in the form of a job description, but you have to think like the job seeker, rather than HR or hiring manager. Get ideas from people who are currently performing the job. They can describe the position better than anyone. Have them answer these questions. They could provide answers that are new and fresh for prospective job seekers.

Before you post the job, make sure you are using the correct job site. There are numerous job boards available. Some are very specialized. Perform a Google search of your job title and see what job boards pop up. You might find a new venue that is better suited for you position.

Our next post will provide more details on writing a job description.



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Staffing Firms Offer Flexible Workforce Solutions to U.S. Businesses for a Competitive Edge

Businesses depend on staffing employees to keep fully staffed during busy times, and to support major projects, new clients and business growth. 

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Try before you hire can ease corporate culture woes

Hiring is always a challenge! You are looking for the perfect skill set, the right personality fit and of course trying to figure out if they are a good fit with your corporate culture. It is extremely difficult to try and determine these factors during an interview. One tried and true method that has been around for decades is using a temp to hire strategy. Our customers have been very successful using this method for over 30 years!

  • How do we know if a new hire will fit our corporate culture?
  • How do we start this trial period?
  • How does a company achieve success with this process?
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