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The State of US Employment: Companies Need to Step Up Their Game

After nearly nine years of slow but steady growth, the US economy has turned a corner, creating a job market more robust than in any recent year. With hiring on the rise, people and companies are experiencing positive and negative effects, all while wondering—what should I know and what steps should I take to make the most of today’s “employee-market”? For people, both employed and unemployed, the job market is positioned in their favor with ample opportunities and benefits available for the taking. For companies, now’s the time to get creative with their hiring needs, job requirements and benefit packages, to recruit, and more importantly retain, what’s left of today’s top talent pool.

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What to Wear to a Job Interview: Business Casual vs. Professional Attire

First impressions are everything. It takes only one tenth of a second for us to make up our minds about new people we meet.1 In an interview especially, where both parties are deliberately tasked with making definitive judgements about the people in front of them, it’s important to make that first impression count. For interviewees contending for a new job opportunity, the first few seconds will be more about your physical appearance—the clothes you wear—than about the skill set or core values you can bring to the table. 

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Achieve Your 2018 Hiring Goals with McCallion Staffing

Companies set hiring goals to be more productive, more profitable and to better compete with similar organizations. Many managers have learned the hard way that when a company falls short of hiring goals, it can stifle growth, pummel profits and interfere with the ability to give premium customer service.

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Why Are My Employees Quitting?

We are currently in one of the tightest job markets ever. Every day becomes a bit harder to find a new employee to fill a vacant position within your company. Employees are leaving for better opportunities that are being offered left and right because, well, other employers are upping the ante out of desperation to hire top talent. Are all employees eager to jump ship? Is this only happening to my company? Why are my employees quitting? Where is the loyalty? These are all questions you may be asking yourself. Let's take a deeper look into the main reasons why employees are pursuing other opportunities.

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Addressing Gaps In Your Resume While Interviewing


If you are like many job seekers out there, you may have one, two, or several employment gaps in your resume, especially after the job market crashed a few years ago.  Don't fret yet -- this will not always count against you in your endeavor for a new job.

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The 2018 Hiring Trends You Need to Know

Human Resources is one of the many fields that can expect huge changes in 2018 due to technological advances. Technology continues to enhance employer analytics and candidate experiences. Technology is now embedded in the processes and functions of HR departments around the world, from the earliest stages of qualifying candidates to the later stages of providing a continuous feedback loop of strengths and weaknesses while on the job. Here are the top 2018 hiring trends you need to know:

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Should You Accept the Job Offer?

Did you know the most stressful part of job searching can actually be when you receive a job offer? Many people initially believe the actual job search and interview are the most daunting, but soon realize that it only gets more complicated! Is the offer worth making a switch from your current employer? Are the health benefits a good choice for your family? Is the commute worth the added time taken from your day? Will you get along with your new coworkers? These are all questions you must ask yourself before reaching a final answer (which is usually required within a few days of receiving a written offer)? This is one of the biggest decisions to make and can determine how your future unfolds. So, should you accept the job offer? Let's dig-in to the questions you must consider before parting-ways with your current employer. 

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9 Ways to Revamp Your Recruiting Process

If you are an employer who is trying to hire specific, qualified and dependable talent... we feel your pain. The job market is extremely tight and competitive right now. According to a Careerbuilder survey, 50% of Employers have open positions for which they can't find qualified candidates, and 57% have jobs that remain open for 12 weeks or longer. Employers now have to up the ante in order to attract new applicants and peak enough interest for the person to actually apply. Here are 9 ways to revamp your recruiting process:

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How to Job Search in 2017

The job search we once knew is no more. Gone are the days of newspaper ads and cold-calling for open vacancies. Of course resumes, networking and interviewing are still extremely important, but they are just part of a bigger process. Apps, video resumes, Google, LinkedIn and social media all play an crucial role in your new job search. Google and LinkedIn are gaining popularity among recruiters, who used to solely rely on job databases such as Monster and Careerbuilder. 

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Perks of Working in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is booming right now as we are well underway in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The "Made in America" movement seems it is here to stay for awhile. The manufacturing industry is critical to our economy, and even our world! No matter what your role is within this industry, whether it is Operations, Sales, Marketing or HR, you are an integral part to the success of the company and industry.  Could you imagine being part of a company that manufactures 3D printers that build human organs? Manufacturing is ahead of the curve. Here are some perks of working in the manufacturing industry.

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