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The Referral Advantage for Employers and Candidates

Research consistently shows that employee referrals have exceptional conversion and retention rates, they lower recruiting costs and expedite the time to hire and secure top talent for those hard-to-fill positions. Many studies have found that referred employees typically are able to pick up on tasks and adjust to the company culture faster, needless onboarding, and ultimately are more satisfied in their roles, thus staying longer at the company.

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Your Office Holiday Parties: Planning and Attending the Party

The annual holiday party is a company gathering meant to celebrate the season and a year of hard work. It is a great opportunity for coworkers to get to know each other, make the staff feel appreciated, and allow everyone from the company to relax after a long year. Although office parties have the best intentions for everyone to just have fun and unwind, there are always possibilities of managers and employees misbehaving (especially when alcohol is involved), which makes attending and planning the party a daunting endeavor. Consider the following party planning recommendations and office party etiquette pointers for an enjoyable, conflict-free experience.

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Medical Marijuana: What Employers Should Know

Twenty eight states have passed medical marijuana laws and eight states, including Washington D.C, have legalized recreational marijuana for adults twenty one and over. With the prevalence of the alternative medicine comes a shift in workplace and legal policy. It is important as an employer to be aware of the evolving laws and societal attitudes toward marijuana, and adjust the workplace accordingly. No one wants to deal with lawsuits and safety hazards, so whether you are an employer or employee review the following to gain a better understanding of medical marijuana and the workplace.

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9 Ways to Revamp Your Recruiting Process

If you are an employer who is trying to hire specific, qualified and dependable talent... we feel your pain. The job market is extremely tight and competitive right now. According to a Careerbuilder survey, 50% of Employers have open positions for which they can't find qualified candidates, and 57% have jobs that remain open for 12 weeks or longer. Employers now have to up the ante in order to attract new applicants and peak enough interest for the person to actually apply. Here are 9 ways to revamp your recruiting process:

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5 Myths About Hiring Temporary Employees

Have you considered hiring temporary employees for your company, but you aren't sure what to expect? What are temps like? What should I know about temps before bringing them into my company? Well, here are the 5 most common myths about hiring temporary employees, which we have so happily debunked! 

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Hiring a New Office Employee? Here's 5 Ways to Make Them Feel Welcome

Can you remember your first day on the job? Were you left awry, or were you greeted by the welcome wagon? The first day on the job sets the tone for the future. If you are disregarded by fellow employees, you would not be too thrilled about going back the next day. Unfortunately, it is common that the first day on the job does not provide the new employee with adequate attention and training. Hiring a new office employee isn't always easy -- and neither is the retention! We all want our employees to succeed, get along, and stay awhile! What can we, as employers, do to change this first-day debacle?

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Employee Quits On the Rise in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Acccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee quits climbed in August while hiring and new job requisitions remained elevated. This is the second highest number of quits since the recession. There were 2.98 million workers who voluntarily left their job in August, which is believed to be due to employee confidence. Economists also believe this is a sign of optimism mixed with growth in consumer spending. Employees feel like they have plenty of job options now that companies are in a hiring frenzy. 

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5 Free Ways Greater Philadelphia Companies Can Keep Their Best Employees From Leaving

It is extremely difficult to hire employees in today's job market. The job market has continued to tighten, the skills gap is widening, and holding on to your top employees is of utmost importance. Companies in the Greater Philadelphia Area are facing high competition, as their employees are being solicited for new positions via social platforms at an alarming rate. With that being said, it is more crucial than ever to hold on to your biggest assets - your employees! Reduce any temptation for your employees to look elsewhere for employment by creating and providing the best work experience imaginable.

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3 Steps to Writing a Job Description

If you have ever written, or attempted to write, a job description, you know how tedious it can be.  The idea of summarizing the duties and responsibilities of most job positions is daunting, especially when employees today are "wearing many hats". Accurate job descriptions are extremely important, as they are used to determine salaries, performance reviews, job titles, and recruiting, just to name a few. When writing a job description, you should be able to give a clear and concise snapshot of the daily, weekly and annual responsibilities that are expected and required of the employee.

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5 Reasons Your Best Employees Are Leaving

Employee turnover is inevitable. All hiring managers know that you win some, and you lose some. However, you may have an issue if it seems like more employees are jumping ship than usual.  What is causing your employees to leave for other opportunities? We took a poll amongst candidates who have registered with us and are currently employed, but seeking a new opportunity, and the results are nothing short of interesting!

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