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Essential Guidelines for a Successful Recruiter Experience

The job market nowadays can be very daunting with there being more open positions than active jobseekers – the options are endless! That is why working with staffing agencies and their recruiters can be advantageous for any jobseeker as recruiters can connect individuals with employers and specific roles that are perfect for their skills, interests, and values. A recruiter can open doors to someone’s dream job or company, suggest improvements to one’s resume, and coach candidates on interview do’s-and-don’ts for specific clients. It would be in a jobseekers best interest to network, develop, and maintain relationships with recruiters for assistance in their job search. The following tips will help any candidate encourage a positive relationship with a recruiter and make the most out of the partnership.

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The Referral Advantage for Employers and Candidates

Research consistently shows that employee referrals have exceptional conversion and retention rates, they lower recruiting costs and expedite the time to hire and secure top talent for those hard-to-fill positions. Many studies have found that referred employees typically are able to pick up on tasks and adjust to the company culture faster, needless onboarding, and ultimately are more satisfied in their roles, thus staying longer at the company.

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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out to Recruiters

Recruiters are sent and review hundreds of resumes a day to find the best candidates. The daily influx of applications requires recruiters to scan through resumes in seconds, which means strong candidates need resumes that stop recruiters in their tracks. Whether you are an experienced professional, recent graduate or an entry-level novice, having an attractive, clear and concise resume is essential to grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. Consider the following ideas to boost your resume and get that call back.

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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid at Your New Job

Are you new on the job and want to make a great first impression? Every new hire wants to show their manager just how wonderful they are. After all, you are your employer's best investment! With that being said, here are 6 common mistakes to avoid at your new job.

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5 Ways to Find a New Job

There are so many different platforms these days to find job openings. However, we all know how discouraging it is to apply countless times to online job postings, only to never hear anything in return. While online applications are still the main route for finding employment, there are other options that enable you to actually speak to a human being throughout the job seeking process. Here are 5 ways to find a new job:

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